Porsche – ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping For Porsche

Ecu Boosters will remap the engine ECU on your Porsche to increase it’s power, performance, fuel economy and dramatically increase your driving pleasure.

ECU Remapping Specifications

See below for power and performance gains that can be achieved by our remaps.

PorscheOriginal (BHP)Tuned (BHP)Origina (NM)Tuned (NM)
911 (964) Carrera RS 260260 hp275 hp325 NM345 NM
911 (993) Carrera RS 300300 hp325 hp355 NM380 NM
911 (993) Carrera S285 hp305 hp340 NM375 NM
911 (993) Carrera S 272272 hp301 hp330 NM365 NM
911 (993) Carrera S 285285 hp307 hp340 NM360 NM
911 (993) Carrera Turbo 408408 hp478 hp540 NM610 NM
911 (996) 300300 hp322 hp350 NM370 NM
911 (996) Carrera 320320 hp345 hp370 NM400 NM
911 (996) GT2462 hp552 hp620 NM740 NM
911 (996) GT3381 hp401 hp385 NM410 NM
911 (996) Turbo 420420 hp510 hp560 NM660 NM
911 (996) Turbo S 450450 hp525 hp620 NM700 NM
911 Carrera 325325 hp350 hp370 NM398 NM
911 Carrera S 355355 hp385 hp400 NM430 NM
911 GT3415 hp430 hp405 NM440 NM
911 Turbo 480480 hp535 hp680 NM775 NM
Boxster 204204 hp220 hp245 NM280 NM
Boxster 220220 hp240 hp260 NM290 NM
Boxster 228228 hp248 hp260 NM290 NM
Boxster S 252252 hp270 hp305 NM330 NM
Boxster S 260260 hp275 hp310 NM330 NM
Boxster S 3.2 266266 hp286 hp310 NM345 NM
Boxster 240240 hp255 hp270 NM290 NM
Boxster 245245 hp260 hp273 NM293 NM
Boxster 987 3.4 295295 hp317 hp340 NM360 NM
Boxster S 3.2 280280 hp300 hp320 NM345 NM
Cayenne 290290 hp315 hp385 NM415 NM
Cayenne GTS 405405 hp435 hp500 NM535 NM
Cayenne S 385385 hp405 hp500 NM525 NM
Cayenne Turbo 500500 hp575 hp700 NM780 NM
Cayenne Turbo S 550550 hp605 hp750 NM810 NM
Cayenne 250250 hp270 hp310 NM335 NM
Cayenne S 340340 hp370 hp420 NM450 NM
Cayenne Turbo 450450 hp530 hp620 NM730 NM
Cayenne Turbo S 521521 hp586 hp720 NM830 NM
Cayman 2.7 245245 hp260 hp273 NM293 NM
Cayman S 3.4 295295 hp317 hp340 NM360 NM

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