ECU Remapping

What is ECU Re-Mapping?

All modern cars have a computer called an ECU that controls the how the car is powered under every condition and load.
Manufactures limit the cars true potential for certain reasons.

Our ECU Remapping/Tuning process is designed to reprogram the car’s computer to maximise its potential within safe limits to minimise premature failure.

All our maps have been tested on a rolling road backed by insurance so you can have confidence in the quality of our re-maps and service.

Be Aware Of Other Tuning Companies Offering Huge Gains That Cause Premature Failure To Your Car At Your Expense.

Re-Mapping Benefits

  • More Power
  • Better Economy (More MPG)
  • Improved and Responsive Drive
  • More Torque – Easier Towing
  • Smoother and Faster Acceleration

We can tune and re-map most modern Cars, Motorcycles, and light Commercials without ECU Removal.

Other Services

DPF Delete from ECU
EGR Delete from ECU
Speed Limiter Removal

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ECU Remapping

Unlock Your Engine’s True Potential, Feel The Power & Performance

Boost Power

Feel the Power Boost with BHP & Torque gains Up To 30%

Boost Peformance

Boost Your Performance For A More Exhilarating Drive

Boost Economy

Boost Your Fuel Economy & Reduce Fuel Bills With Up To 20% Savings